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Buggy Power Meter


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The power meter on my laptop has recently be acting very strangely. When I charge it up, the power meter goes all the way up to 100% charged (as it should). However, when I go unplug my laptop and walk around with it, the power meter will stay at 100% untill about 3 seconds before it decides to hibernate from lack of power, at which point the power meter goes instantly from showing 100% charge to showing 2% charge.

I would like to fix this because not only is it no longer an effective time gauge anymore, but also because the laptop battery does not charge until the power meter goes below 100%, making it so that I have to entirely drain to battery before I can charge it back up again.

Now, without installing any third-party power meters, how can I fix the Windows power meter? Is there a certain driver I need to know about? Or is my battery just about ready to kick it (which would be strange because the thing still lasts as long as it should on a full charge)?

TIA for any help and/or suggestions.

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