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Hi guys, I hope I'm asking in the right place let me know otherwise.

I've been assigned the task of sourcing a few 'forms generator' applications that should help the business I work for better manage documents/forms and routing them through the team.

Basically we have somewhat of an Intranet where our documents and forms are hosted on mounted Windows shares. We run a silly little IMS (integrated management system) through a Word document which links to the files we need. However the issue is that some of the links can become outdated and aren't easily maintained. To eliminate this I've been asked to find some applications that will allow for forms to be maintained (perhaps with the help of a wizard, add fields, drop down boxes etc) to interface with a database and have some version control.

My issue is that I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for so I'm hoping some others may have had some already implemented solutions or suggestion of what to look on.

So far I've come across:

Oracel APEX - www.oracle.com/technology/apex/index.html

NConstruct - www.nconstruct.com

and some others..

These are RAD tools but for the most part seem to be what I'm after. But NContruct is limited in meeting my requirements.

An example of our first application of this software is we need to be able to create a Shift-Log/Handover tool, allowing shift-crews to fill in a forms which is then stored into a DB and can be later recalled. After this is implemented we will start using it for existing forms.

If anyone has any thoughts/advice on an applications out there please let me know.


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