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[request] Eset Smart Security


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Eset Smart Security 3.0.566.0 TRiAL

File: nLite_ESS_3.0.566.0_TRiAL.cab
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/75457374/nLite_ESS_3.0.566.0_TRiAL.cab
MD5: F4913181AE5CDC4949888329F00B1B82
File-Size: 17.62 MB
Uploaded: 09/12/2007, 20:30:39

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Hello again. There is a problem with the addon. I integrated it and installed it with XP SP2 on a virtual machine and at startup it displays the splash screen for exatcly 5mins every time. I removed the splash screen from the settings and the result was: The programs starts after 5min the difference was that there was no splash screen. How to fix this :/

ps Sorry for my English.

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