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A few Advenced Questions on Slimming and nlite


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ok first nlite is (and it goes without saying) amazing...

I am trying to test (approx 30) different nlite installs to determine functionality for a prog i am in the process of creating.

I would like to know if there are any files that can be added to nlites remove/keep boxes to 1.make the install smaller 2.select things to be removed but keep certain files for better functionality.

Heres a couple of examples:

Check snmp for removal but keep two files that will still allow functionality of printing etc

Remove iecore but keep user accounts managment or maybe use an alternative..

I have seen all of the above but i am unable to locate it again.

If any one has any other queries like the one above then please post -because i will also like to know what you wish nlite etc could do - oh and my program is going to be nlite (just advanced)

Any names would be good - i was thinking of plast XP.

Oh and nuhi i am not trying to step on your toes or anything - as you are my inspiration for my project (blast xp) and you have done an amazing job on nlite and other apps. A big thanks from me.

I have just though of some more:

Why dont people use portable apps (if its a space issue) and maybe run them from a usb.

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