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Wow nice to be here.


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Well I'm MadBull.

I'm only really hre for one reason, i'm going to create a program very much like nlite - except better (no offence nuhi) <---- He's aleady done/doing a brilliant job.

There will be many advanced options to the program:

Driver scan and intergrator - It will scan your driver folder(s) and system, work out which drivers yur system uses and then intergrate them - you will never need Microsofts "Default Drivers" on your cd again.



But regretably this program will take years to make and i'm not even going to start the coding for another few years. for the time being i will find out every single detail i can about XP (first - but eventually all OS's) and note it down - i have been doing this for the last year.

Also i want to be able to work out ways to do things. Heres the first impossible thing i want to do!

Remove iecore using nlite but either keep functionality of the user accounts manager - so basically:

remove it with nlite but still be able to use user accounts manager - or add it back in once installed.

If any one can help or even describe why this happens, dependencies anything like that then please feel free to post.


Nearly everything i ask about is for my program - please don't assume i'm stupid

Oh and any person that helps will be featured in my programs credits (your name obvously)

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Sounds like an ambitious project! :thumbup

Welcome to MSFN... and good luck! :hello:

I'll be glad to do some testing for you once you get some actual code written. It sounds very interesting. You may be interested in talking to nuhi - he probably has a lot of information that would be useful to you and would probably have some suggestions.

EDIT: I noticed your double-post in the introductions thread. I would've posted there if I had noticed it before I saw this one. Generally, double-posting isn't really necessary, and in fact, is discouraged. So, if there's a mod out there who'd be kind enough to move my post to the other one (in introductions) and remove this one, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Someone did that... thanks, whoever. :D

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