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How to reinstall OS without app softs using recovery DVD


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How can I reinstall Windows Vista only and no third party softwares from a recovery DVD ROM?

The PC is Toshiba Satellite L45-S4687. The README file in the recovery disk indicates that there are three options for the recovery install:

1. Installing individual applications.

2. Installing the factory system install

3. Creating and installing a custom system install

However, the paragraph further down in the README file says if the value of CustomSystemInstall in the Install.Ini file is set to 0 then the option 3 is not supported. I checked this and found that it is set to 0.

I attempted to make a new recovery DVD ROM with the above modification but for some reason could not because of an error copying a file in the process.

Could anyone help?

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the problem with the recovery DVD is it is canned installed of your PC at build time, which means anything that was installed then will be installed again with that DVD, if you want a clean isntalled you will have to get a pure Vista DVD

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