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Ghost32 v11 ?


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I've got someone running a server with SBS 2003 without ANY backup solution. I've suggested they get a copy of Acronis True image or Paragon drive backup but they said they can't do it right now. Anyway, I found a copy of Ghost32 v11 on their server and was wondering if I set it up on a schedule to make an image of the server drive would this work for a backup? If their drive crashed could I restore the image and everything still work? I use ghost quite often on regular XP systems, but I've never done it on a server operating system. I guess the primary issue would be any files that are open durning the backup process.

If this option won't work, anyone got any suggestions of a program that will that won't break the bank??

Also, anyone use DriveIMG XML by Runtime Software? It's free and says it works under 2003 server.



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My first thought was - NTbackup, and when I googled to check that you actually get ntbackup with SBS 2003, I stumbled on this:


Which mentions Acronis, as well as Ntbackup and other backup-related things for SBS goodness.

Also check out the name "Susan Bradley" - who is the "SBS Diva": http://msmvps.com/blogs/bradley/

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oks guys, i have tested ghost 11 in a critical server of my company, i did the backup (all this in DOS GHOST) and install a new software than blew me up win2003, so i decided to apply the ghost i made before, everything runs back to normallity.


Ghost 11 is so f***ing good,

my servers are DELL with raid5 and scsi.

so it works :>

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