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psexec on WinpE2?

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Wanted to see if anyone knows why psexec.exe wouldn't work on WinPE2?

Running the same command line that will work on my workstation, I get this error on WinPE2:

Couldn't access 10.x.x.x:

Access is denied.

And I can ping the box at the IP.

Any thoughts?

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after much googling, found that the local user account you are running psexec from cannot have a blank password. Windows wont let you run anything remotely if the account the request comes from has a blank password.

So now how do I set the local WinPE2 user account password? Much less how do I determine what account it uses?

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I believe the default account is Administrator, as it is in the command prompt title. After invoking a net user command in the PE environment it shows two accounts: Administrator and Guest. I tried using net user Administrator * to set the password. It reports that the password is saved, but psexec still doesn't work.

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After further testing, it looks like WinPE uses the "NT Authority\System" account as the logged in 'user'.

All my searching online tells me that you can't/don't want to change this accounts password (which by default does not have a password).

So I need to find a way to use something like su.exe or runas.exe.

That is what I am currently looking at now.


To be able to use RunAs.exe and run psexec as the Administrator account, I will need to add these rights to that account:

"Act as part of the operation system"

"Logon as a batch job"

Anyone know how to do 'User rights assignment' via command line?

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