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how to increase Exception list in IE


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is there any way to increase the limitation of exception list in IE proxy TAB (in Group Policy), coz it's already full, but i still need to add 1 or 2 intranet website info in there,

**I am already using wild character.

OS: Windows 2000 Advance Server..

Please help me..


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If your exception list is that long (and in need of growing further), it's time to consider a proxy appliance or filtering firewall to do the job at that point. The IE exception list is limited due to memory size limitations on the storage of the exception list array, if memory serves. There won't be a way (at least in current versions of the browser) to bypass that limitation that I am aware of (perhaps someone else has achieved this another way?).

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yea, my exception list is really too big.. Running morethan 40 Website, internal cum external.. :(

It's tough to add all of there info in exception list....

it's really mixture list. having .com,.co.in and .in

I think i must try first solution..


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