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Media Center Problems

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I am running Windows Vista Ultimate RTM x86 and am having some problems with Media Center. When I install, sometimes media center works but most of the time media center crashes after a few minutes of activity. I tired not implementing any registry settings or updates in my install and it still crashes. Any ideas ?

I located the ehshell.crash file. This is what it says:

Unhandled Exception - 10/27/2007 15:24:22

Message: is not a valid Win32 application. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700C1)


System.BadImageFormatException: is not a valid Win32 application. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700C1)

at MediaCenter.Options.OptionsHomePage.OnExtenderSettingsClick(Gadget objTarget)

at ServiceBus.UIFramework.OpenItemEvent.Invoke(Gadget objTarget)

at ServiceBus.UIFramework.ListItem.OpenItem(InputArgs msg)

at MediaCenter.Options.HRefListItem.OpenItem(InputArgs msg)

at ServiceBus.UIFramework.ListItem.OnKeyUp(KeyboardInputEventArgs msg)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Gadget.OnInputKeyboardEvent(KeyboardInputEventArgs msg)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Gadget.DeliverKeyboardEvent(Gadget g, OurEventArgs args)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Gadget.DispatchEvent(Gadget gadget, EventDeliveryProc eventProc, OurEventArgs args, UInt32 stage, UInt32& status)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.OldUiZone.DeliverInputDirectWorker(Object param)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.OldUiZone.DeliverInput(Object param, EventRouteStages stage)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.UiSession.DeliverInputStageWorker(InputInfo input, EventRouteStages stage, ArrayList route, Int32 i, Byte traceLevel)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.UiSession.DeliverInputWorker(ICookedInputSite target, InputInfo info, EventRouteStages stages)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.UiSession.Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Input.IInputHost.DeliverInput(ICookedInp

tSite target, InputInfo info)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Input.InputItem.Dispatch()

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Dispatcher.MainLoopBody(Feeder feeder)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Dispatcher.MainLoop(LoopCondition condition, LoopBody body)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Dispatcher.MainLoop(LoopCondition loopCondition)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Application.Run()

at ServiceBus.UIFramework.PageBasedUCPService.Run()

at ServiceBus.UIFramework.UserControlPoint.Launch(String args)

at Microsoft.MediaCenter.Internal.LaunchMediaCenter.LaunchMediaCenterHelper()

Thanks in advance

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