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XP Home. When Add\Remove is populating the list of programs where does the list come from?

Is it C:\Program Files?


Thank you for asking this question, I had been wondering the same. Now I know, thanks to U, if you go to the X-SetUp website and download their TWEAKING software, the BlackBelt of tweakers, they have some features in the over 1700 tweaks that address some of the problems with Add/Remove.

Edited by NativeTexan > Here is their, X-Teq, website http://www.x-setup.net/ plus some very important information about them at this location http://www.xteq.com/misc/xset_to_xsp.html this second one is about their still supporting the FREE version and is very important for you to read and understand.

Thank you 4 reading my Poster Toaster,

Edited by NativeTexan
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