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Citrix admin install problem...


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I'm having a problem with a silent install of the latest Citrix client as seen here.

I setup the administrative install, but for some reason, when the app starts for the first time it tries to connect to the network share that it was installed from. Many times, that share isn't available to end users and the install fails. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Okay, I thought that was the problem, but it isn't. Can anyone help?

Here is the error I see in the event log:

Detection of product '{E89956F9-5B89-470E-818D-BD46102D0A01}', feature 'ICA_Client' failed during request for component '{6E02C3A5-9184-4E16-8282-B40F3516DA46}'

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If you don't want the program neighborhood why not just install the web client, ica32web.msi, instead of using ica32pkg.msi. The web package already does not install those. Or you could edit the PKG version of the isntaller with ORCA and turn off those components.

Then all you need is the /qn switch to install it silently.

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ok, the PKG file can also be installed silently with .qn, and to prevent the install of the program neighborhood edit the MSI with ORCA.

In the left pane scroll down to 'features' then in the right pane change the value for 'level' to 0 for it not to be installed or even shown if you don't perform a silent install.

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