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nlite question...


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im trying to get some chipset drivers integrated using nLite 1.4 beta

so a screen pops up asking if i wan "Regualr PNP Driver or Textmode Driver

im guessing its better for Textmode? coz nlite automatically highlights it for me..

its for my nforce drivers and what not.. also, how can i get my SATA drivers into windows without having to press F6.. i dont have a floppy drive on my system, can i also do it with nLite?

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Textmode popup means it detected some SATA/RAID driver, it is most probably what you wanted in the second part of the question.

If the list shows your HDD controller then select the appropriate one, and leave it at textmode.

Burn it to some rewriteable media, check if you see your HDDs without a floppy, if not read this:


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