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Royale eXtension 2000 | Media Center Resources for Windows 2000


RX2K :: Want MCE bitmaps for Win2k?  

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  1. 1. Media Center Style and Resources for Windows 2000

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Visit Project CKX2K and find Information and Downloads-Directory.

Why old cX2K is abadonded?

New Project CKX2K makes it all right!

These are OLD threads they're belong to it's predecators:

|| Royale | Modification of Windows 2000, cX2K and XPize4Win2k, huge pack and slim predecator

* In XPize forum; don't post actually there.

Available: Sources of my both packs, cX2K and XPize4Win2k, made for free!

* Also in XPize forum, download links from that posting are broken.

[RX2K] Advanced Shellpackage - Windows 2000 like Windows XP, XPize Source based, with special feature additions in future

* First related topic in this board

[Release] XPize4Win2K 1.0.0 , stable: Windows 2000 to future, Simple XIS based patching of Windows 2000 files

* Early thread XPizing Win2K fro me in forum XPize

In development they were in spring of 1997.

There will be used a new technology for the modification based on my own Project 2IZE creating the new Windows 2000 Shell package.

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// -- This post is reserved for special purposes, e.g. additional infos updates or announces. Read initial post as short introdution-- //

* Some updates made to the first posting as correcting dead links and misspellings

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