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IE6 SP2 full download?


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I know it's possible to force a full download of IE6 SP1 for all supported versions of Windows, same for IE 5.5. (I've done both.) How about IE6 SP2? I need to reinstall IE on a PC with XP SP2 because something has boogered the fonts in IE and only in IE.

It's displaying almost everything in Arial Black. Curiously, MSFN.org looks fine while Wikipedia is 100% Arial black! Some sites only have some parts in Arial black. The problem is not the fonts because nothing else has this problem. I tried the full download I have of IE6 SP1 and it refuses to install because a newer version is already installed.

Not even a Repair Install from a slipstreamed XP SP2 CD fixed the IE fonts problem. (Had to do that after that virus which kills AVG, Spybot and other apps sneaked onto it.)

What I *think* caused the IE fonts problem was Adobe Font Manager. It appeared soon after that was installed, but uninstalling AFM didn't fix it.

If there's no way to pull down a full install of IE6 SP2, is there a way to forcibly install IE6 SP1 then update to SP2?

Better yet, is there a way to just fix the #$%@#%#$ fonts problem?

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I don't know much about the fonts problem (Internet Options/General/Fonts won't do it?), but you can always try uninstalling Service Pack 2 if you have that option, to get IE6 SP1/XP.

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