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Vista Ultimate x64


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I was looking through my registry today to find a way to get WinRAR's context menu items back since they had suddenly disappeared. When looking through the registry, I accidentally deleted something and am not sure what it was. Anyway, after accidentally deleting the registry key(s), every folder I open, opens in a new, separate window. I've gone into:

Control Panel

- Folder Options

and clicked on "Open each folder in the same window", apply then OK then restarted my PC, but it doesn't work. I set it back to "Open each folder in its own window" and restarted then once Windows was started up, changed it back to "Open each folder in the same window" then finally restarted again.

Nothing works. Folders keep opening in their own windows. Anyone know how to fix this? I want it back so that when I open a folder inside another folder it opens in the same window instead of opening a new window.

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you didn't happen to create a restore point before you started did you?

I'm not sure what registry keys affect that behavior. I don't think a repair install would help either since this is a registry issue not a corrupt file problem.

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