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installed W2k then updated with windows update

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He guys :hello: . I just installed w2k on a comp I am building for my 11 year old son. Specs :

Biostar 6100-m9

A64 3500+ (2.2ghz)

evga 7600gt

wd 80 gig 8mb buffer

1 gig Geil pc3200+ ram

I am looking for an update pack similar to the "hotstream project" (USP 5). Or autopatcher. I read that autopatcher got shut down by MS. I have a valid cd rom and code (orginal disc), so I am not trying to do anything fishy here. I just want the latest updates for win 2k. I already have xp on another comp, and so I dont want people to tell me to upgrade to it :rolleyes: Any thoughts ?

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Two possibilities.

There is an Autopatcher Windows 2000 out there. Do a Google search on autopatcher torrent and see what you can find. Can't verify how good it is and it might be a little awkward to find.

The other is this thread.


It's designed to create an uptodate 2000 CD but you can use it to update your system.

Assuming you've patched with the Gurglemeyer SP 5 pack, then download the files Kurt lists, i.e., the 100 to 740 files plus the various RunOnce files he mentions. Careful reading of his post is required to determine correct files and order of installation - I may not have listed all of the correct files.

Create a batch file to install them in the order specified (numbering as he shows is very useful). Preface each command with start /w so each file installation finishes before the next one starts. You may require two or more batch files, e.g. one to handle the Hotfixes and one to handle the RunOnce files.

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