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Can anyone tell me where I can get background image/s for my website


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I was making my website about Windows XPs.

And I was trying to find backgrounds for it.

I found many stuffs for it.

But, what i consider was the stupid "COPYRIGHT".

Does anyone know where can I find the backgrounds for XP page in my site, that represents Windows XP/s, that doesn't affect/effect the copyrights stuffs?

I wanted to put the backgrounds that represents the Windows XP/s.

Thanks for taking time on reading this.

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You could make your own, just make it like a gradient blue and green, then Windows XP in text. And at the bottom of every page put "Windows XP is a registered trademark of Microsoft" or something to that affect.

I attached something like what I was saying.

You can use this site:


I used:



For the text shadow I use Paint.NET (I have to use old version :realmad: ) I just made a transparent layer and typed in Windows XP then positioned it. I'm not really sure as to any sites. Maybe google royalty free XP images or something.


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