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KuDos to all on this site . . .


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Hey Folks,

Live from LeonSprings, Texas USofA,

Excuse me for jumping in here head first, I am a recent convert from Win98SE2ME, by MDGx, to this XP HE (high explosive? no HomEdtion). Have many questions and do not know where to start or what to start with. I have created a user account and cannot get my MzFrFx v2.0.0.6 and my E-Mail client, PegasusMail v4.41, to share with my second ego.

There are so many thingys to muck with and setup along with related software not wanting to work if you disable the wrong item. I also use the X-Setup tweaking software v6.6.3Final1 and have the version of my software displayed on my desktop. That is shown as "Windows XP Home Edition Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.061219-0316 (Service Pack 2)", whew, I remember reading somewhere in here this is v5.1 which is not displayed on my desktop. Any reason why that is not there?

Have read some of the other postings, post toasties, posts, etceteras and just wanted to congratulate all that are responding to our not so well asked questions for giving some very well researched responses along with where they were found. I still have not been able to move all of my links used in Win98SE2ME to this system, that is only part of my work in progress. My learning curve is just straight UP from here and hope the return to normal is not as steep. It could be a full crash for me if it is.

Thank you for reading my rambling questions,

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