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Vista reports serious problem with HDDs


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My son's PC has recently had an upgrade of sorts, with it I installed two 320GB SATAs, they were off an old machine where I had no issues at all, I also decided to get a copy of Vista, so plumped for the Home Premium version, as this best suits my son and my wallet!!

Anyhow, the install went like a dream, no problems etc through the install, got all the neccessary drivers for the motherboard and other hardware etc.

I decided to put the HDDS into RAID 1 (mirrored), he uses it for his home/course work, so this will help protect his work.

Anyhow about 1 week later he got the message that Vista had detected that there was a SERIOUS issue with the harddrives and I should back up the data..... thought this was odd, so rebooted and got the same message.

So I rebooted again and went into the RAID program/bios, and it stated that it was in sync mode, I synced them there and then and the message stopped, so I disconnected one of them and rebooted and the message came back.

So my question is:

How do I turn that annoying (false) message off?

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Are you sure it's a false message? Also, could you post a screenshot perhaps so we could see the error?

Yes I do think it is a false message as they were off my old xp machine and had no issues with the drives at all, they rarely were out of sync and never had any corrupted files or bad sectors. But with Hard drives you never know....

I will get a screenie and post it up.

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Right - it's complaining that the RAID array is broken (which it is). Also, previously you stated that when you first saw the message the drives were in need of re-sync, which would also indicate inconsistency in the array which Vista would also have picked up on as a potential hard drive problem.

It's not a false error, it's Vista telling you there's something wrong with the array, and heeding the message is probably a good idea :).

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Right - it's complaining that the RAID array is broken (which it is).

Correct it is working as it should, when you disconnected a drive the raid is broke like stated above. You disconnected one of the mirrored drive so when Vista does it check it knows there is a problem becuase they should be exacyly the same. You shouldn't do that. I don't believe that XP had these messages then again I don't run RAID 1, I do RAID 0 for performance and more space.

It also might have complained in the first place because they weren't clean drives and not exactly alike in data, so then again you would get an error saying there is a problem. Mirrored drives are exactly that, they are exact copies so if one goes down you still have all your data on the other, When there is different data on one the tool will tell you there is something wrong. I'm surprised the BIOS didn't pick that up. Personal opinion here but why use a raid 1 unless you have some really important data to save? Raid 0 is much faster and doubles the space of the Raid 1. I have a portable HD that I save all my important data too. Not only do I know it's safe but if the computer gets a virus or something happens the portable is only connected when I'm saving so it is not affected. Hasn't failed me in 7 years. Also keeps private data like taxes and accounts private because again it is not connected all the time.

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