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Windows Update Silent Installer (VBScript) v.0.1

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Windows Update Silent Installer (VBScript) v.0.1

I made this script for my personal use, because we needed this kind of script in the company I'm working for. This might be usefull for someone else too. I'll think it can also work on Vista, but I don't know that what version of Windows Update Agent uses and where to get one.

Usage examples:

(Wscript.exe WUSilentx86.exe)

-Run it on the end of the runonceex section of your unattended installation.

(That way you don't have to update your installation media every time when new updates are available.)

-Put it on your scheduled tasks i.e. run it once in a month. (i.e. Useful on a servers when you have multiple of them.)

-Put it on your Programs Startupmenu to run it every time computer starts

-Put it in your desktop and run it when ever you have time:)


+Language independent

+All updates are official relased by Microsoft and downloaded from Microsoft

+Easy to put on schedule

+No user interaction

+You can view Update history

+Easy to modify

-Needs online connection

-Problems with IE7 silent installation (Under research, advice needed)

-Cannot install XP SP2 (Under research, advice needed)

-Need to type credentials after reboot if Autologon is not enabled (Coming to next version)

PS. The cleanup after the script erases the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder, so if you need the hotfix uninstallers comment that line out.

If you find bugs etc. can you report them here. And if you can help me developing the script further, that would be nice.


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