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Welcome screen text editing


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Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows how I could edit the "welcome" text from the windows welcome screen... I saw a registry setting on a site, but I can't find that site anymore in my history ( :whistle: )... I would like to change the font and the actual text...

Thanx a lot

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Helloo I'm Neewbie here..I find logonui...but at me is LOGONUI.Ex_File .. How to edit this file ??

Open with WinRAR and extract the Logonui.exe

Now open this file in ResHacker....you can find this on internet...just google...

edit as you want.... and compile script and save.

Replace this modified file existing one. :hello:

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little addition to above. When the file is edited you should run modifype (google for it) then

makecab /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 logonui.exe

to make the file back into the logonui.ex_ (or run a file archiver like winrar that will allow you to make a cab archive. add the logonui.exe to a cab archive and rename the cab file as logonui.ex_). Then just replace the original with the one you just made.

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