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Some files are missing during installation


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I have windows xp service pack 2 cd. After removing some components using nlite, following massages appear during installation:

srgb.icm;streamci.dll;tosdvd.sys;tsbvcap.sys;tsbyuv.dll;usbcamd.sys;usbcamd2.sys;wstrendr.ax; wuam.chm are missing.

How to solve this problem???

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If you just want to complete install (i assume you have) then just press the escape key on each file request.

If you are unable to complete the install then these files are most probarly corrupted and/or are important.

I would suggest redoing your nlited disk and see the results.

Hope this helps.

Oh and the one that ends in . chm is a help file so if you removed help and support then this should not be shown.

Are the files thats keep being requested on the disk.

If they are then there is a problem with one of the files that direct the copy procedure of the install - eg dosnet

Also have you tried replacing/putting the files on the disk but remeber they have to be compressed in the right way.

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