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dont delet windows mail or you will lose


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when i start to use vista and i made my own cd with vlite and when i sadly know that i cant use windows mail with my hotmail account so i decided to delete it from my cd .

and later as i start to use my vista i notice that i cant open any .mht at all , thats make me crazy bc i have alot of .mht files that i stor in my pc .

started to make search and asked everybody .. no one now ,

and one day when i try to open a .mht file with word 2007 as a try to see what will happened it told me that it cant open a stand alone file because the outlook is not installed so i installed outlook 2007 for it but no way .

so i made another vista cd without removing windows mail at try it in Microsoft Virtual PC and with my surprise i can open .mht files now .

so don't remove windows mail even if u dont use it or you will lose using any MHT files .

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no duddy i just removed windows mail with vilte and that made vista didnt recognize any .mht files

so when i made another vista cd with vlite and didnt remove windows mail in this last one so vista recognize .mht files this times .

the problem not with Outlook 2007 the problem is that :

mht files needs windows mail to work properly so don't remove it

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