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Windows XP for office use


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I'm new to this! So, could someone help me choose the options for customizing Windows Xp SP2?

I intend to use it in the ofice, so it only needs the capability to run MSWORD, MSEXCEL, MSACCESS, join a home network, share files, print files, use a network printer.

I'm looking forward to your help!

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I would suggest using the compatibility options for most of these things. Like tick DHCP,Printers and if for example you dont have corporate edition then activation etc. Also make sure that you dont remove jet database because if you do you will remove the ability to install office. Oh and if its office 2003 i believe that input method (?) needs to be kept.

I also suggest that you look at a thread/topic called "what not to remove for som programs" (its here at msfn) and search/browse the forums on each item you will be needing specifically as everyones pc needs are different.

Hope this helps.

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Best performance for office use? That's an oxymoron.

How fast can you type to notice the 'performance' difference?

Just use it as-is. Use bootvis to get a faster start up, and disable some services to get some more free ram/cpu. Disabling useless start up, and running programs and defragging using something like O&O Defrag helps too. Better seek/boot/file loading times.


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