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Bypassing the driver confirmation


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I made an unattended dvd using vlite, everything works fine, just on install it asks do i want to install the drivers, because windows can't find the driver publisher. I have vista ultimate x64. I want, that windows install doesn't ask it anymore.


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They will say on their site WHQL certified. Usually non-beta drivers are ok.

And never edit the inf file, that breaks the signature.

By added .inf file I presume you selected that file through insertion, don't move it outside their folder (just in case, some people did that).

If you are still confused then paste [Drivers] section from your preset (last session.ini in that DVD/ISO/Folder).

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well ok, but is there anything like in xp's winnt.sif


No, there is nothing like that for Autounattend.xml and no regtweak AFAIK, too. I'm not 100% sure for the regtweak but 100% sure for Autounattend.xml.



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