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[vLite 1.1 Beta] Bug with the AutoUnattended.xml


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Hi nuhi.

With version 1.1 you've integrated an option to select the UI language of Vista. You can select the already integrated one and those languages you want to integrate through the language packs. But if the integration fails we have a problem. The XML contains an entry for the now invalid language. You should check if the languagepack is correctly integrated bevor creating the XML.


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MagicAndre1981, I don't get it where is the bug?

Let me explain it a bit more. I have an english Vista and tried to integrate the german LP. After selecting the german LP I was able to select the UI/Setup language as German (de-DE) from the Unattended Page. But the integration failed ( for a reason I don't know, so I wanted to have the result page to see more info) and now the german LP is NOT integrated. But the XML-files still contains German for the UI/setup. This is a bug. The LP was not integrated correctly, so the de-DE settings are wrong.

I hope I could explain my problem a bit better.

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Well you didn't understand my reply.

It's not a bug if your integration failed for some reason. It's up to you to remake the ISO from scratch. Who cares if the XML contains DE-de, just install it, you'll see it will switch to English without any problem, it will just prompt at startup.

But we are talking here about problematic install, why would you force that anyway, you first gotta see why it failed or just reboot and try again.

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