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Vista, XP, & Virtual PC 2007


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I installed Virtual PC 2007 on my Vista Ultimate x64 machine. I'm now trying to install XP SP2 as a guest in VPC. I made an ISO of my XP CD using UltraISO. When at the part where it asks:

"Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device"

I go to the CD menu and choose "Capture ISO Image...", then I choose my XP ISO file. After that it just sits there showing the client mac address and "dhcp" with a backslash spinning around.

I've tried resetting as well after choosing "Capture ISO Image...", but that still doesn't work. Do I need to have a virtual drive program like daemon tools as well?

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Ok, got the ISO working. Problem now is that after creating and deleting virtual hard drives a couple of times, Vista is asking me to reactivate. Is that normal? I haven't made any real hardware changes in the last six months. I have been playing with virtual optical and hard drives though.

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