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VBscript in commandline

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I've gor a problem with my RIS installation. When my client is installed, the local administrator logs on for 1 time. In this session I want to installed my default applications by using a VB-script. But when the logon completes XP asks me to "OK" the vb-script. Is there a way to kick off the vb-script without any questions?


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myscript.vbs will run another .vbs script without the prompt.


Dim WSHShell, WshEnv
Set WSHShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set WSHEnv = WSHShell.Environment("PROCESS")
WSHShell.Run "\\MYDOMAIN\NETLOGON\scripts\login\calledvbs.vbs",1,True

call it from a batch file...

@echo off
setlocal extensionsenable
cscript \\server\netlogon\scripts\login\myscript.vbs //nologo

you'll need to modify those files to suit your needs.

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How do you call the vbscript, by just using the vbscript.vbs?

or do you use a batch file which contains:

call cscript somescript.vbs //nologo


call cscript somescript.vbs //nologo

this way i don't get prompted to run somescript.vbs

somescript.vbs removes the zone checks that bring up the 'ok' prompt.

then it calls a bunch of other scripts that need wscript to run...

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