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"A Better Faster Windows 98" has disappered


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A very useful unofficial Windows 98 support website, "A Better Faster Windows 98" has sadly disappered.

The URL was http://users.accesscomm.ca/gbraun/w98/

I anticipated and prepared for this, and saved every page off this website that I could.

I couldn't also save most of the downloads and external links, many of which were excellent.

(I only recently moved up to DSL.)

This website even included a 137GB HD barrier smashing program that WORKS!

It even includes large HD ScanDisk and Defrag, in directory WINDOWS\COMMAND\BIGHDD.

Tragically, I now find that these saved web pages are somehow corrupted, and do not open.

I lost a hard drive and thus had to restore this data from a zipfile, and the extraction process apparently failed.

Did ANYONE else out there save this valuable website while it was up and running (successfully)?

It's very aggravating to have prepared, only for it to fail when it really matters.

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the google cache version appears to work;cd=1&gl=au

This website even included a 137GB HD barrier smashing program that WORKS!

that is here on msfn in this forum, as it was devolped here, the bighdd stuff (defrag and scandisk) i think were there winme versions, and i think the package may have come from here as well

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I think if you check out mdgx.com you'll see that if there's something that'll help a Windows 9x run computer, there's a link to it or a direct file download available there. In fact, any Windows not just 9x!

Check out his pages with wonder and amazement that anyone put so much work into a Windows site. I've used it for many years and still find things there I've never seen before.

It's so comprehensive that it's close to being able to say that if something that'll help 9x run isn't there, it doesn't exist. Sort of like that librarian in Star Wars claiming that if a planet isn't in their archives it doesn't exist.

In this case it might be true.

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