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Some RegSnap v5.8.1920 information.

Martin H

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The official installer for RegSnap v5.8.1920 dosen't support any form of silent installation. Of course, cooking up an AutoIT script would be very easy, but as i want all my installations to be totally silent, then i instead just make a 7z switchless installer which installs the app by itself, without using the official installer.

After running the installer, then the following files are located in '%programfiles%\RegSnap\' :

  • about.dll
  • form1.frm
  • lartl.dll
  • lbsu.dll
  • license.txt
  • mfc42deu.dll
  • mfc42esp.dll
  • mfc42fra.dll
  • mfc42ita.dll
  • msvcp60.dll
  • readme.txt
  • RegSnap Demo.vbp
  • RegSnap Demo.vbw
  • RegSnap.exe
  • regsnap.la
  • regsnap.tlb
  • unsetup.dat
  • unsetup.exe
  • whatsnew.txt

However, the only needed files for getting the app to run is :

  • RegSnap.exe
  • lbsu.dll

The registration data is located in these two registry keys :


These two keys contain exactly the same data and only one of them is needed.

Here is the reg file which i use in my 7z switchless installer. Besides the registration key(i have removed the actual serial), then i also add the entries needed to do the following :

  • Disable the Startup Wizzard.
  • Show modified key values in addition to the key names.
  • Generate reg files.
  • Disable the "generate reg files" warning.
  • Disable truncating long dumps.
  • Ignore some unneded reg keys like MRU's, UserAssist, Cryptography and SessionInformation etc.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00







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plz , I used RegSnap to detect some reg changes, generating 2 files then compared them, but didn't know to export a reg file?!!

plz help

Do Yourselve a favour grab InstallWatch it lets you save before install and after install regfiles in normal reg file format.

get it here:


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The Difference is That....

InstallWatch records modifications made to your PC during the installation of software, hardware, or configuration changes.


InstallRite (which includes all the features of InstallWatch) provides "application cloning" as opposed to "disk cloning", simplifying software distribution.



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