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Mouse pointers theme Unattended

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Hi. I know there is a solution for this --- saving a theme file directly from my present desktop. But i don't know why (maybe due to a heavly nLited installation) the "Desktop\Properties\Save theme as..." function doesn't work on my computer.

So, I'm doing it the hard way. That means by hand, at least the mouse pointers part.

Ok, I've got this, so far...

- the Fedora Inverse set, and the installation .inf file.

- i've managed to execute the .inf from a .cmd during Windows installation, so the Mouse Pointers are copying to the right folder and then appearing in the Mouse configuration dialogue box.

- finally, the .theme file created by nLite, wich i'm editing by adding the [Control Panel\Cursors] entry.

I think I've managed to set thing up like this.

[Control Panel\Cursors]
Arrow="Normal Select.cur"
Help="Help Select.cur"
AppStarting="Working In Background.cur"
SizeNS="Vertical Resize.cur"
SizeWE="Horizontal Resize.cur"
Crosshair="Precision Select.cur"
IBeam="Text Select.cur"
SizeNWSE= "Diagonal Resize 1.cur"
SizeNESW="Diagonal Resize 2.cur"
DefaultValue=Windows default

Maybe someone could take a look and see if I'm pointing in the right direction? I'm not sure about the "Default value" parts.

I'm going to try it in VMWare, but i would love some help.


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I this way work for me:

[Control Panel\Cursors]
Arrow =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Normal Select.cur
Help =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Help Select.cur
Wait =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Radioactive-Busy.ani
NWPen =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Handwriting.cur
No =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Unavailable.cur
SizeNS =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Vertical Resize.cur
SizeWE =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Horizontal Resize.cur
Crosshair =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Precision Select.cur
IBeam =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Text Select.cur
SizeNWSE =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Diagonal Resize 1.cur
SizeNESW =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Diagonal Resize 2.cur
SizeAll =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Move.cur
UpArrow =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Alternate Select.cur
Link =%WinDir%Cursors\_my_dir_\Link Select.cur
DefaultValue=Windows default

Where for me _my_dir_ is "Mac OS X" B)


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Thanks 0d14r3!

I did a VMWare installation before going to bed and it worked out great. I'll post my settings when I get home tonight, but It's just like yours. Plus, i've managed to set the wallpaper too (that came as a surprise :D :D ).

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Here it is.

[Control Panel\Cursors]
Arrow=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Normal Select.cur
Help=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Help Select.cur
AppStarting=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Working In Background.cur
Wait=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Busy.ani
NWPen=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Handwriting.cur
No=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Skull.cur
SizeNS=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Vertical Resize.cur
SizeWE=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Horizontal Resize.cur
Crosshair=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Precision Select.cur
IBeam=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Text Select.cur
SizeNWSE=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Diagonal Resize 1.cur
SizeNESW=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Diagonal Resize 2.cur
SizeAll=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Move.cur
UpArrow=%systemroot%\Cursors\Fedora Inverse\Link.cur
DefaultValue=Windows default

and, this is the wallpaper.

[Control Panel\Desktop]

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