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XP Pro x64 Edition


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I followed the flyakite's guide and used geitonaki's SFX file, I have no problem whatsoever with the 32bit xp. I'm now trying to add the xp x64 edition in the AIO dvd. I downloaded the cracked setupldr.bin, hexed the file. I have problem create the boot folder. I tried to use D:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\XP\Professional\AMD64\winnt32.exe /noreboot, It fails. I got a error message, " D:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\XP\Professional\AMD64\winnt32.exe is not a valid win32 application. I also tried the create_boot_folder.cmd. It moved two files to the boot folder. Didn't install. NTLDR error. How do I create the boot foler for x64. I spent serveral hours reading through the forum, no luck though. Would someone please kind enough to give the newbies some more tips. Thanks a million. :rolleyes:

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