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[Form] Set Default Printer


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It happens, quite often, that I need to print some reports in a place where the

available printer is not the default printer set by my system.

So, I designed this form (attached as Printers Form), to help display installed

printers on my machine. Then, I can just click a printer in the list to set it as

the default printer during current session.


Credit for code is inside the form.


I, also, created Autokeys macro; so that I can only press F12 on my keyboard

to open that form, instead of opening it within my user interface.

However, that macro has no relation to the functionality of the form. You can

delete it.

Printers Form is a standalone form that you can import to your application and

it should work instantly.

I hope someone finds it useful.

Any suggestions or ThankYous (or DamnYous!) are welcome.


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