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Is it possible to give Power User Hardware Device installation priviledge?

I have read some guides about adding User in the 'Administrative Tools>Local Security Policy>Local Policies>User Rights Assignment>Load And Unload Device Drivers' but it didn't work.

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In general, it isn't possible to give Power Users the ability to install generic device drivers. The problem is that when you install any device that can make persistent changes to the system (i.e. a device driver other than a removable disk device or a printer), your account's ACL is checked to see if it's an administrative user - if not, the device installation will fail. This is, unfortunately, expected behavior:


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power users already by default can load/unload drivers, although i believe these have to be digitally signed and inbox drivers. You configure windows to install files that arent digitally signed, or of course you could install the drivers yourself on the pc, then i believe the other user will be able to install the drivers since there already on the pc


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