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Boot times in a Corporate Environment


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hey all,

just trying to get a handle of some experience across the board as to what people see as boot times for machines in there environments. doesn't matter size but larger ones are more what i was looking at becuase they would compare more with what the issues i am looking at

here is the problem, our base image on the newest machines we have (core 2 @ 1.86 W/1gig ram) boots up on average 2:08 minutes, while thel ow end of the hardware scale is around 3:25 (Centrino 1.8 w/ 1gig ram). the machines start up with Citrix passthrough, Mcafee AV with EPo management tools, also checkpoint VPN software w/ zonleabs integrity agent firewall as well. These times are all based on laptops becuase they are the only problem children right now.

any comparisons? thoughts if this seems slow or fast?

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If things are that slow (and that is pretty slow), consider winlogon and userenv logging - it timestamps things, so you can see where there are delays. If that doesn't help, obviously removing the Citrix, McAfee, Checkpoint, and ZoneLabs software will _definitely_ speed up your boot times.

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@ cluberti,

have been doing uverenv logging, nothing has come up as out of the ordinary though.


all machines are part of the domain yes, of the domain the time changes only about 15 - 20 seconds

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We have slow boot times of around 2 to 5 minutes depending on the computer. We are intentionally slowing down the process using the GP to make the computer wait for the network before coming up. We (the IT dept) recieve lots of complaints about the slow boot times, but they are needed to make sure all the GP's get applied (especially any changes) before the computer boots. Before we we let them quick boot, our help desk folks were having many complaints that were pointing back to the fact their computers booted quicker than the policies could apply..

Just my 2 cents..

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At college, it vastly depends on the type of computer you use - however, since all of the older are getting replaced by the new ones, they boot up in about 2:30 minutes, including logon to network. The older ones took around 12 minutes - but they were there when we ran NT4 about 4 years ago rather than 2000. Specs of the new ones are Pentium D with 512mb RAM. Older ones are Celeron (orig!) with 32/64mb ram depending on PC.

Theres about 2500 user's over all the networks (With 4 or 5 different domains - student, teaching, admin etc). Desktops use 2000 along with students laptops, Teachers laptops use XP. Over the summer, all PCs are switching from 2000 to XP so will be able to update the times in September

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