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How do I move files out of MS Virtual PC 2007 ?


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How can I move the files from "My Docs" inside Virtual PC 2007 over to "My Docs" in Windows XP Pro SP2 in my desktop computer, outside the Virtual PC? Dragging doesn't seem to work.

I need to get those files out.

Already tried the "help and support" on Microsoft's web site. It says, "Users can copy, paste, drag, and drop between guest and host." Unfortunately, that doesn't work.

Thought someone here would know the answer. Thank you.

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Did you install the drivers inside your guest machine? (VPC calls it add-ins or tools, or something)

Once you do that, files can move in & out.

Or alternatively, setup a network between guest & host to move files.

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Open the VM. Click the Action menu on the VM window, and choose "Install or Update Virtual Machine Add-Ons". After that, reboot the VM. You should now be able to drag-and-drop files, or create a shared folder that points to a folder on your computer, and shows as a network drive on the guest OS.

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prathapml and Idontwantspam,

Thank you both.

As for drivers, yes maybe I did remove some drivers in my nLite installation.

Yes I did do the "Install or Update Virtual Machine Add-Ons."

Networking out of the VM does not work. I will try the shared folder idea.

Thank you both for your helpful suggestions.


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