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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, this is my first post here, but alas, it is a question. I have recently installed a copy of Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4 on a Compaq SR5610F which had originally run Vista. After some of Vista's black screens of death it was decided to start fresh... with Windows 2000. After a couple driver problems the computer ran smoothly and I installed Blackwingcat's KernelEX, (Amazing project!) Media player 10, .net framework 1.0-4.0, VC++ 2005-2010 redistributable, IE6 SP1 & 3, Chrome, Firefox, and all post SP4 updates except for an update for Microsoft Data components 2.8 that would not install at all. During this time there was no sound whatsoever on the computer. Windows 98 era speakers that are hooked up correctly and work flawlessly are not at all recognized by W2K. Another set of speakers and headphones were also tested, but to no avail. A new Realtek sound driver was also installed but it didn't help fix the problem. I have been led to believe that the W2K is simply not able to detect the audio device ports on the computer. The computer has one port on the front and another one in the back and none of them are recognized. There are two unknown devices in the device manager that could be the source of the problem. https://imgur.com/4JsBBNC Help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi I am trying to install an old ISA card into a Win98SE machine, and am having a problem in finding available I/O addresses. The ISA card is not plug and play. The card's default hex address is 320 hex, but can use 100-120, 120-140, 140-160, 160-180, 180-1A0, 1A0-1C0, 1C0-1E0, 1E0-200, 200-220, 220-240, 240-260, 300-320, 320-340, 340-360, configurable by dip switch. The problem is, the IDE controller is very greedy, and takes several addresses within each usable range: device manager shows IDE controller using many, many addresses as "Alias intel 82371AB/EB PCI master..." "Alias of primary IDE controller (dual fifo)", etc. see the images below. My question is, is there a way to prevent the PCI IDE controller from taking up all the usable I/O addresses, either via the BIOS, via win98, or even via means of hardware (can I run win98 from a scsi HD for example) Or, what is causing the pci ide controller device hog all the I/0 addresses, and is it fixable? +++++++++++++ useful data below +++++++++++++ the computer seems to run fine. remarkable how fast win98 actually boots up! The ISA card is a digidata 1200 digital acquisition card from axon instruments. Early 1990's vintage. The IRQ, DMA and I/O must be free before driver install (I have reserved the required IRQ, and 2 DMA in device manager, no problems, no conflicts) the motherboard is a P6BX-A+ (or clone), with i440BX- intel chipset (it's a generic fleet computer). its a Pentium 2 400 MHz, 256MB RAM (faster processors cause timing errors with the digidata 1200) the IDE controller is an Intel 82371AB/EB PCI bus Master IDE controller, there is one primary IDE HD (~13GB fujitsu), with no slave, one secondary IDE generic cd player, no slave. Bios is Award v4.51pg I have updated the chipset drivers and ide controller I have changed the IRQ and DMA settings in bios to legacy I have indicated a non PnP system in Bios I have disabled all non essential ports in bios (parallel, serial, 1, serial 2, ps/2 mouse) I have set the IRQ ports for the PCI controller to legacy (this causes problems) I have tried to reserve the I/O addressed (320 -340) I want but get conflicts with pci ide controller thanks for any help fryguy365
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