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  1. I'm going to list the files and add a spoiler for URLs for various languages. Append the filenames to the first URL for your language. Also the SCR56XX.CAB and the SCRIPXXX.CAB files have different names for different languages. They are listed in the spoiler. Got it? If you see mistakes, know of other languages, missing files et cetra, please sing out. I'm thinking there should be either a iesetup.ini or ie6setup.ini but can't seem to find it. On Win 7 ATM, so can't test. ADVAUTH.CAB AOLSUPP.CAB AXA.CAB AXA3.CAB BRANDING.CAB CRLUPD.CAB FONTCORE.CAB FONTSUP.CAB GSETUP95.CAB GSETUPNT.CAB HELPCONT.CAB HHUPD.CAB ICW.CAB ICWCON.CAB IE_EXTRA.CAB IE_S1.CAB IE_S2.CAB IE_S3.CAB IE_S4.CAB IE_S5.CAB IE_S6.CAB IE4SHLNT.CAB ie6setup.exe IECIF.CAB IEDATA.CAB IEDOM.CAB IEEXINST.CAB IELPKAD.CAB IELPKAR.CAB IELPKIW.CAB IELPKJA.CAB IELPKKO.CAB IELPKPE.CAB IELPKTH.CAB IELPKVI.CAB IELPKZHC.CAB IELPKZHT.CAB IEMIL_1.CAB IEMIL_2.CAB IEMIL_3.CAB IEMIL_4.CAB IENT_S1.CAB IENT_S2.CAB IENT_S3.CAB IENT_S4.CAB IENT_S5.CAB IENT_S6.CAB iesetup.ini ---- if unavailable see UPDATES below! IEW2K_1.CAB IEW2K_2.CAB IEW2K_3.CAB IEW2K_4.CAB JAAIME.CAB KOAIME.CAB MAILNEWS.CAB MOBILE95.CAB MOBILENT.CAB MPCDCS.CAB MPLAY2A.CAB MPLAY2U.CAB MPLAYER2.CAB OAINST.CAB OEEXCEP.CAB README.CAB SCAIME.CAB SCR56xx.CAB SCRIPTxx.CAB SETUPNT.CAB SETUPW95.CAB SWFLASH.CAB TCAIME.CAB TS95.CAB TSNT.CAB USP10.CAB VGX.CAB WAB.CAB UPDATES: IEAK6.EXE (Internet Explorer Administration Kit) Is also available in the links -- Thanks LoneCrusader ALSO ieak6opt.CAB and ieak6cd.exe are available -- Thanks submix8c iesetup.ini seems to be only available in some languages if not in yours just get the use the Spanish link (file has no localized settings): http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie6sp1/finrel/6_sp1/W98NT42KMeXP/ES/iesetup.ini -- Thanks Arminius

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