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  1. Do you have to use "msiexec" when handling .msi files?
  2. Really sorry for bumping, but I need an answer today...!
  3. You need to know the difference between a "post" and a "topic"... This topic has nothing to do with Nero, but the post I quoted had something to do with it. Always fun helping people out who are new to forums...
  4. Use the search, I can remember seeing atleast IE7, Shockwave, IDM and WinDVD somewhere while searching!
  5. Thanks alot, I'll try it sometime!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! Is it optional to use the msi files for those apps (I don't want any control if it's not needed, I'm quite familiar with PS )? This will probably sound like an id*** question but, when do I use "msiexec" instead of the usual start /wait (or the other one for RunOnceEx)? BTW, I like your sig, oioldman ...
  7. Hi there! Could you guys download my "stuff-list" for my unattended XP installation and correct any errors you see? I want help from people who have tested these apps and know their correct switches. I also would like to know if I'm supposed to do any extracting and if so, which files should be extracted. And if you could supply me with information regarding the fact that some apps need taskkilling, I'd be glad ! You don't have to worry about all the "A.D", "external file", "RyanVM" and "bookmark", those are my own notes. I'm sitting on a Mac, and therfor I haven't been able to test all switches... Thanks in advance, Doggie52 unattended_checklist.pdf
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