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  1. Firefox_Setup_3.0.1.exe -ms -ira -silent -setDefaultBrowser this is --for-- default browser
  2. Thanks Guys will try .vbs and let youknow if it works for me...... 10 min later..... deleted just the shortcuts i wanted {changing \*.lnk} and del last two lines in code works like a charm...... tnks again
  3. hi after successful installation of os i want to delete shortcuts from desktop. how do i do it in batch mode e.g del %userprofile%\desktop\real.lnk tnks
  4. I tried this way get error....BIOSINFO.INF.....cannot load
  5. vmware rules!!!!!!!! Still waiting for the tutorial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. what am i missing cdshell doesn't recognize script command
  7. ooooooooops sorry ppl but then again............... i've paid for my copy of windows cd haven't i....????????????
  8. is there any way to activate the same windows with same wpa.dbl on another machine with different hardware ??????????????????????????????????????? there must be...................
  9. why do i need both files ????????????
  10. how do you unattendedly activate windows using wpa.dbl ???????? i tried --$oem$ --$$ --system32 --wpa.dbl also i tried makecab wpa.dbl wpa.db_ still doesn't activate any ideas ??????????????????????????????????
  11. can 98 & me use $oem$ folders for unattend installation???????????? i use memdisk 98se.ima
  12. how do i disable logon screen in unattended install i have win_xp_hom_sp2 with a few run once .cmd's and after each reboot i must be present. it's not a real unattended this way
  13. how can i hide my multiboot dvd contents from beeing seen ??????? e.g.....acronis boot cd's get it ?????
  14. anyone know how to make a simple password at the beginning of the booting from cd i want to see splash.csi then ask for password input how do i change password.cdshell to work simply ????????????????? tks
  15. HI people i have nearly completed my all in one multiboot dvd question.... when executing autorun.exe in cdroot folder...everything works ok except when trying to run the actual cdroot. what file in aiodvd\boot...... must i run in the [autoplay media studio] script for this to happen ?????????? (where must i direct the script) ?????????
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