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  1. Hi, Installing all last hotfixes available for XP Home SP2, I cant' start the installation since I got a pb with ntdll.dll. Do u have any idea of which hotfix causes this pb ? PS: Before installing hotfixes my unattended disk was working ! Thanks
  2. Hi, I currently meet the same problem. My computer has a pre-install XP Home version. I want to create my own install version of XP Home for my computer without all provided software by HP. I started with a simple XP Home version and used my XP Home key. Trying this version with Virtual PC, I can't activate it since it doesn't recognise my licence key. Is it a restriction of Microsoft Virtual PC ? Or do I have any modifications to perform in the simple XP Home version to accept my licence key ? Thanks
  3. Hi, I tried the method of Bi0haZarD, but using the I386 folder of the re-install DVD not the one of my computer, and that is not working. The install is working properly, but when the computer tries to restart, it get stuck with a blinking cursor on a black screen. Couldn't find out why ? I'll try with another version of XP Home, and that raises a question : "How can I extract the included drivers of the OEM disk ?" Thanks
  4. What would happend if my second drive is not named D ? Will windows start ?
  5. Hi, when creating my own unattented XP Home CD I would like to place the whole directory "Documents and settings" in a drive different than the one containing "Program Files2 and other system directories. Is it possible ? If yes, how can I identify my different drives when installing since there is no matching with Windows ? Thanks
  6. Hi, i'd like to use a DVD of XP Home I got with a HP Pavilion on another computer. I can't find how to make it run on a computer other than HP Pavilion. Could you explain how this security is working ? Is it possible to overpass it ? Thanks to all.

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