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  1. Win 7 64 Taskbar is Too Wide

    Vinifera and bphlpt: I think you have helped me quite a bit here and I really appreciate it. I hope you have a Merry Christmas! I will come back and report when I have time to see how this will work. plain
  2. Win 7 64 Taskbar is Too Wide

    Sorry for the multiple posts. I kind of tired and I forgot to address bphlpt. I did look at the link but as far as I can tell it provided no way to change any more than what I already had. Thank You though.
  3. Win 7 64 Taskbar is Too Wide

    Also I just tracked down the registry settings for icons in the registry based on the link you posted and the minimum suggested width is '38' while my registry says '32'. I think this is where the problem lies but I really don`t want the Task Bar hogging up all my desktop real-estate when it is out. Also, it is kind of strange that one is allowed to shrink the Task Bar width to a point that a '32' icon will fit but it is not recommended because the icons which go on the Task Bar are too wide at this point. Personally, I think '32' is a little too wide. Have a nice Christmas! plain
  4. Win 7 64 Taskbar is Too Wide

    Vinifera: Wow! I would never have suspected a subject would have been about this because I Googled and I guess Ididn`t word it correctly because everything was pertaining to something else. Thanks very much for the link. Anyway, I have sent a jpg along with this note. As you can see the Task Bar icon is missing. I did figure out from the WWW how to re-enable it the first time this happened but then when I rebooted a second time poof! it was gone again. And even when it is there if I shrink the width of the Task Bar more than a certain width the crazy button just hangs out in space Like I said it is weird and so goofy with an OS that is supposed to be so sophisticated. I tried rummaging through the registry but I know little of such things and only touch what has been proven to work by a generous internetter. Ha, it took me a couple of years to get XP the way I liked it and now I get to more or less start over. Well, I will learn a lot. If you have suggestions I appreciate anything you might think of and I certainly going to look at the link. Thanks very much for your help. plain
  5. Win 7 64 Taskbar is Too Wide

    Hi All: I just installed Windows 7 X64 and I always move my taskbar to the left side of the monitor screen. Well, the icons are twice as wide as they are tall so that I can`t reduce the width of my Taskbar to the degree XP allows. I am not running in XP mode okay? That was just a comparison. This is so goofy. How do I shrink the size of my Taskbar icons so that I can reduce the width of the Taskbar. I enable small icons already. My Start button is too wide as well and sometimes it just disappears like it did tonight. Any suggestions? Thanks Everyone and Merry Christmas! plain
  6. please wait...

    I know this sounds goofy but I would really like to have the splash screen XP shows after you have reinstalled it. The one that has the words 'please wait...' on it. Can anyone tell me where this clip is located and if a guy can get a frame from it for a desktop picture? Thanks, Plain
  7. SATA IDE status in XP Pro

    I have a couple of IDE drives I would like to use on my ASUS A8NE board. I installed XP on a SATA drive originally. Now when I try to connect an IDE drive it shows up as drive zero in the Disk Management snap-in. I have searched on the web for an answer and the closest thing I`ve found is install SCSI drivers on installation of XP but that didn`t help. Plus I read I won`t be able to image the drives if I do this. I have selected in the BIOS which drive to boot from and that stays the same every time. However when I get into the Disk Management page it still shows the IDE as being drive zero. I`ve tried slave, cable select, master etc. Is there a way to do this so I can use these IDE drives and moving them down the pecking order so that my SATA is always drive zero? My manual doesn`t talk about using both IDE and SATA, just IDE OR SATA. Thanks All Plain