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  1. ok i've tried it's simply just use the batch file to get the five files from ur windows... u dun even have to run the vbscript u move all the 5 files u get fom the .bat file. then u copy all of them into the xphome cd that u are going to use to format ur comp... then ur windows shud come preactivated... as simple as that.. i've even used nlite to integrate drivers inside.. conclusion... it works! thanks bezalel
  2. thanks fro ur advice.. yeah.. i stick back to the folder in cd just that i added the 5 files and replaced the setupp.ini so that even the product id is not changed.. that shud workd rihg?
  3. hmm.. thanks alot for ur reply .. i just wanna make sure again cos i've tried overwriting the whole i386 folder in the cd with the i386 folder that comes together with my preactivated windows... now i realize that the 5 files are not in the i386 folder.... hehehe.. can' wait to try... shall report back after i format tomrrow.. can't format now as i have to study using power point... wt*!
  4. sorry... simple question after i get files using the batch file.... i just need to replace the 5 files i got into the xp home cd and then install? that will make my clean installation preactivated?
  5. sorry for newbie questions.. first of all.. let me paste my details Manafacturer: Acer Model: Aspire 5500 41636572 2020202020 20202020 20202020 i wish to install clean windows by not using the recovery cd as it recovers together will hell lot of utilities which i don't need. I tried to do clean installation with OEM windows home cd and used back the preactivated key in my preinstalled windows but i'm still required to activate.. i've used the collectoemfiles to collect the signatures and those... does that tmean after i reinstall with clean winxp i just have to overwrite those file to keep my windows preactivated? or what? i don't really understand on the procedures... can somebody please pm me with the clear steps? and also.. that is T9 T12 T39 blah blah? please help me... i've been searching the net for this for a long time but can't ifnd a solution. thanks in advance