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  1. Why is it removing third party graphic card driver when I run sysprep on Vista? 1. Installed Vista, patched and service packed it. 2. Updated drivers (Intel Chipsets, NIC and Graphic card) 3. Installed Office 2007. 4. Ran sysprep (generlized /oobe) 5. Captured into WDS Now when I deployed from WDS, the graphic card driver has returned to windows driver, looking little bit blur. And also it joined to domain which I DID NOT want it to. Can anyone help...
  2. Help....Capturing Precision 490 with WDS

    Sorry... People. I found the solution.... Somehow or somewhat the sysprep did NOT run properly. Once I ran sysprep again with fresh one and it shows up fine.... Thanks.
  3. Hi... I have been working on this Dell Precision 490 with WDS but I just cannot capture any drives. I have injected the AHCI driver into F1_WINPE.WIM file and also BOOT.WIM file but it just would not see any drive in 'Volume to Capture' Is this the limitation of WDS with AHCI enabled Controller? or am I doing something wrong? I know there is something about 2 partitions in WIM files but F1_WINPE.WIM does NOT contain second partition where as boot.wim file does. Can anyone help... Thanks.
  4. How to deploy XP as VMware client from WDS

    Thanks....Guys... I have found it and yes it was something to do with imagex and peimg. Doing a little bit of reading and found there are 2 image within BOOT.WIM Just had to mount the right one and most importly.....commit... Thanks..
  5. How to deploy XP as VMware client from WDS

    Opps.... I think I spoke too soon.... Capturing an image works fine but deploying an image does not work. I did the same process to boot.wim file to inject scsi and network card which worked fine. I uploaded or added boot image to WDS using just rebuilt .wim file. And us a virtual xp client to boot off that boot image and error. I must be doing something wrong with peimg and imagex Anyone...?
  6. How to deploy XP as VMware client from WDS

    Thanks People.... I have found the driver and it seems to be working fine... http://www.amd.com/us-en/ConnectivitySolut...%5E2486,00.html Regards...
  7. How to deploy XP as VMware client from WDS

    Thanks Jazkal. I manage to have this working in part of stage now. It sees the C:\ drive now but I cannot upload to WDS. This must be the Virtual NIC missing.... I need to do the same thing as you pointed out....I gather that much but where would I download the driver from...? Regards....
  8. How to deploy XP as VMware client from WDS

    Thanks for that BJ-KAISER Sorry to be little blunt...but how and where would you use that command? Just a little bit more of explaination and help would be greatly appreciated. Regards...
  9. HI.. I have just finished my WDS as I wanted with XP imaging and deploying, I would like to use that WDS with VMware. I'm having problem capturing an xp image from vmware client. 1. XP runing under vmware 2. Ran sysprep 3. Reboot to PXE 4. Gets an IP from DHCP, loads imaging process 5. Does not see it's C: drive. Am I missing something from xp build itself or do I need to get/twick the boot image? Thanks.
  10. Asset entry while WDS deployment

    Thanks. IcemanND. That did the trick.... I'm not sure why or how but..........and double check the asset tag but there is NO space.... Anyway.... Did I mention you're GOOD...! Thanks for all you're help...
  11. Asset entry while WDS deployment

    Thanks again IcemanND I have used your script and just as you mentioned "Asset Tag:NA12345 END" comes up When I click "OK" "About to rename computer to: NA12345" comes up When I click "OK" "Changeing computer name failed. Error code: 87" comes up. Sorry....still no joy.. By the way.... I'm playing with Dell Latitude D520 with these scripts.
  12. Asset entry while WDS deployment

    Thanks IcemanND. I'm just using standard letter and number (eg. NA12345 or NA54321) and yes, I can change to that name manually. This is what 'Hey Scripting Guy' gave me but how do I combine both to make it work.. Name = "name" Password = "password" Username = "username" Set objWMIService = GetObject("Winmgmts:root\cimv2") ' Call always gets only one Win32_ComputerSystem object. For Each objComputer in _ objWMIService.InstancesOf("Win32_ComputerSystem") Return = objComputer.rename(Name,Password,User) If Return <> 0 Then WScript.Echo "Rename failed. Error = " & Err.Number Else WScript.Echo "Rename succeeded." & _ " Reboot for new name to go into effect" End If Next
  13. Asset entry while WDS deployment

    Thank you for that...Tripredacus. I have edit the script to pick up SMBIOSAssetTag value but no joy.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- strComputer = "." Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _ & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure", "WQL", _ wbemFlagReturnImmediately + wbemFlagForwardOnly) For Each objItem In colItems newComputerName = objItem.SMBIOSAssetTag Next Set colComputers = objWMIService.ExecQuery ("Select * from Win32_ComputerSystem") For Each objComputer in colComputers MsgBox "About to rename computer to: " & newComputername ErrCode = objComputer.Rename(newComputerName) If ErrCode = 0 Then MsgBox "Computer renamed correctly." Else MsgBox "Changing computer name failed. Error code: " & ErrCode End If Next -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It picks up the asset number from WMI fine and it spits an error of "Changing computer name failed. Error code:87" But if I change the script to pick up serial number as computer name it works fine. I need some scripting help....
  14. Asset entry while WDS deployment

    Thanks for that....Tripredacus. I was able to input an asset number into Dell Latitude BIOS 'Asset Tag' and windows seem to picked it up in WMI. So...I just need to find some vb script to capturing that info from WMI and use that as computer name when delploying is done. Thanks.
  15. Hi... Finally I can deploy xp with wds now....but I need to input an asset number while it is deploying, or user can input. XP image has been fully answered thus there is no user required to click or hit enter but I just need one entry to put in while it goes through....asset number. I just need one window poping up once asking for asset number and user types it in and that's it. WDS will finish the rest... Would there be a such script or is there a trick to sysprep.... Any help will be greatly appricated...