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  1. Ok, I solved my problem (see my previous posts in this topic): IE 6.0 wasn't enough, so after upgrading to sp1 everything went smooth and the installation of critical fixes + performance tweaks went fine. Now, I have a stable and performing system, but the problems are not over (nothing serious this time): - Some elements are in english now (eg the window that appears when trying to kill a blocked task that asks you if you want to kill the task or wait, or the yes/no buttons on message prompts, eg the message window that appears after a defrag) - I can't format my HD in dos mode (after I hit S to confirm the format process doesn't start and a new command prompt appears): I have to use win98's boot disk to do so
  2. Ok, I just tried a fresh install (only the OS without any extra software), then installed the SP: same result as before (nothing onscreen), but this time I recieved a "pagefault error" on explorer.exe (I'm sorry I couldn't copy and paste here, but the only option available was to format again the HD and restore a previous backup). I tried to replace explorer with the original version inside 98se's CD with success, but the problem wasn't solved... I think i should give up now :-(
  3. Of course, I have the correct OS (98se italian, rel. 4.10.2222A), I also looked the message you suggested: the install order was almost the same. I will try to install the SP on a clean windows install (only the OS with updated drivers for every hardware, without any other extra software) to see if the problem persist. Correct me if I'm wrong, but could the problems I mentioned be related to explorer.exe? If I remember correctly that file is an essential part of the OS that controls all the things (start menu, icons, tasks) that were compromised after my recent upgrade...
  4. Great work, but I had some trouble... Just tried yesterday: system greatly f*cked up (thanks god I had a recent backup of almost everything, and a good "formattone salvifico" was in skedule, so it was not a big trouble for me). After the upgrade (I selected only the "critical updates and fixes" module to install) I saw only the screen wallpaper: no status bar on the bottom (it appears briefly only for a second after login, then disappears), no desktop icons, no active tasks to kill (after pressing ctrl-alt-canc the only thing I see is a blank list instead of the usual list of active processes). If it could help the previous release gave me no similar problem. BTW, there's another thing, just a small cosmetic one: if I press F8 during boot to start in dos mode the usual italian menu has been replaced by the equivalent english one...
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