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  1. Do you know exactly WHEN WINPE sets the DPI settings? I'm thinking if we're able to set the FontDPI\LogPixels registry settings after it autosets the DPI settings but before it loads the display? Also, if we can set the registry then "log out" of WINPE then log back in without a restart the new DPI settings should stick right? Anybody know how to log out of WINPE and back in? Projects like WIN8.1SE seem to be logging in and out. Thanks.
  2. Really no way around this hey? Even MS' own setup looks like trash. Why is there a Technet article on setting DPI if it doesn't actually works? Or does this only work on OOBE and real Windows? https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff716252.aspx Thanks again.
  3. Hi All, I have a huge problem with WINPE booting in UEFI (x64) mode and the auto DPI scaling it performs. I've tried setting up an Unattend.xml with the DPI settings but with the DPI element included, the whole XML is ignored. As soon as I remove the DPI setting the XML works fine. Another approach I've tried is using the startnet.cmd to set the registry for FontDPI to 96 but that doesn't fix it either. Does anybody know how to fix this or disable the DPI scaling altogether for WINPE? To be clear this is in WINPE not OOBE. Booting the WINPE in x86 BIOS mode does not trigger the auto DPI scale. Thank you very much.
  4. Hey guys, I was just wondering if you guys had that time and effort, can you please write a simple step by step guide to get this to work for idiots like me who still can't?! I'm getting stuck on how to get the boot sectors to load properly. What do you do to get the setupldr1.bs and setupldr2.bs? - SOLVED - use MakeBS3.cmd from the USB_Multiboot package Exactly which files need to be hexed and renamed? The ones from the root or the ones inside $WIN_01~.BT or both? - Still a bit unsure about this, apparently you need to hexed setupdd.sys but even with that hexed txtsetup still gives me an error saying it cant find source folders. And finally what about the .LS folder where the actual source is.. can you just leave it as $WIN_01~.LS or does need to be $WIN_NT~.LS in order for setup to work? Thanks again.
  5. Hex editing won't (or didn't) work because to I think hard drive installations look specifically for the $WIN_NT$.~BT and $WIN_NT$.~LS folders. What I did was rename those folders for each flavour of XP so if I wanted to change the flavour of XP I would of had to boot into PE or use another comp to rename the current $WIN_NT$.~BT and $WIN_NT$.~LS folders to something else then rename the desired XP source and boot folders into $WIN_NT$.~BT and $WIN_NT$.~LS. I went so far as to rename every single file from the root of the hard drive as well (setupldr.bin, txtsetup.sif, ntldr and so forth). So just to be completely clear: - I use multibootxp6.cmd program. - choose the first XP source - choose my usb hdd destination - copy the source and make the boot sectors. - test with the hard drive and setup will work no problems - then I would move everything on the hard drive to a different drive (backup) - use multibootxp6.cmd again. - choose the second XP source. - copy the source files and make the boot sectors. - test the bootable usb hard drive and setup will work again. - I rename or move everything on the usb hard drive to a sub folder i.e. [XP2] - I copy back the first XP source - Boot up from the hdd is fine - TXTSETUP stage is fine until it starts copying files or format stage which then errors, corrupted or missing files.
  6. I hope this works for you guys at solving the reboot problem Setup=Nero.msi STARTPARAM="CallFromExe" DONOTRUNSETUPX="1" /QB /NORESTART So yeah basically you can't run from a SETUPX.EXE well because the /norestart switch is only valid when parsed through a .MSI NOW, can any of you please help me with this little problem... I remember once being able to make a direct shortcut to Nero Encoder without having to load up nero burning rom and then going into extras\encoder (or hitting F8). I lost the shortcut syntax to get that happening again but I remember it being something like nero.exe /blah /blah /[f8] Hope you guys can answer, I'm too lazy to make 2 post even though I know that's probably not too appropriate for this forum. Thanks
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