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  1. Thanks... I found it. What you described is the way I found. Took me a while to find that. The install is new and I am still finding my way around.
  2. Well.... It seemed I had other problems with the install that I did not realize until I started doing some final tweaking. I did another clean install and changed the order in which I installed the different drivers and then updates for the OS. All is well now. As long as I have someone's attention.... How can you exit out of media center using the remote? Thanks
  3. Howdy... I just finished installing MCE 2005 on my computer (clean install). I had no problems. All drivers are installed and working. Here is the thing... After the computer boots, the TV sound comes from the speakers even though MCE is not running. If I load MCE, open live TV and then close it, the TV sound stops.. Any Ideas?? I have an ATI All In Wonder 9600XT video/tuner card. I used the ATI WDM drivers. The sound card is built into the mobo (Abit AS8 3rd eye) Any help would be great.

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