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  1. sorry now i fixed it and about the clock this is the beta version in the coming version will be fixed
  2. this is Longhorn sidebar V2.0 and working in startup its runonce not addon http://www.4shared.com/file/4542969/f0b4c0...a_karamsfx.html MD5 : 2136B84C3B34947D2CE2AB4BBB91F9DA tested and working
  3. After hard work i happy to release this file WLM patched and msg plus 401 all in just one file runonce not Nlite addons http://www.4shared.com/file/4499664/61946bf4 tested and working if u get any problem im here (comment) if it in the wrong place plz admin put it in the right place
  4. now i lost my copy. its still not working and now i recive wga nofcation in startup thank u man i will beign again from the first
  5. i have it in my cd but it not working im sure its another one
  6. Thank u so much But its ask for update can u tell me what the only update its need

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