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  1. with MS Virtual PC you can try this approach

    - MMTool 2.22.1(google is your friend)

    - hex-editor / ultraedit

    - resource hacker

    • Open Resource hacker and extract BIOS resource, the 256kb file extracted is the bios to be edited, rename it to bios.rom
    • next, open mmtool "powertool" and open that bios.rom, select dmi and extract it to dmi.rom
    • Open it with UltraEdit and replace the original contents, like: "Mircrosoft Corporation" , "Virtual Machine" etc etc, with the ones of your choice, save
    • In mmtool use the replace function to replace the DMI with the just saved dmi.rom - save
    • In resource Hacker replace BIOS, 13500 resource with the bios file saved in the step above ("BIOS, 13500, 1033")
    • save and test ;)

  2. FreeStyler,

    Please, Please do me a favor to tell me where I can get the following OEMBIOS files.

    EPSON 74163373


    Mitsubishi 71631112

    MOUSE Computer MCJ Co,.Ltd DEBD653E

    Seanix/Cicero Seanix B7FC8D93


    Targa TARGASYS D0F94E0D

    TIME COMPUTER Time Computers, Time Computer 7EB9D890

    SHARP SHARP 8432EB94

    JVC JVC_MPXP B3F88133

    ASUS 2411858C

    Thank you very much.

    I see no reason in helping you get these files.... i have noticed all you do is post this info & files on other (mostly chinese) sites.

    Reading your posted stuff you seem to pretend to be a hotshot who knows it all, but once i dive into the actual contents of your post all seems 100% copied from this site.

    If you really have something to contribute to this project, i'll be glad to help you out, until that day you can only hope you find them elsewhere.

    I admit my Chinese isn't really that good... but one thing is obvious... proper credits for the information and files are not to be found in these topics

    i believe everybody who contibuted in this project deserves better.

  3. Out of curiosity, are the OEM activation files the same for 32 bit versions vs. 64 bit versions?

    AKA - Are they Interchangeable?

    Yes, i'll try to sum it upfor you,

    You have OEMBIOS sets for XP which are Interchangeable between x64 and x32 OS

    Also you have OEMBIOS sets for Windows Server 2003 which are Interchangeable between x32 and x64 OS as well...

    OEMBIOS files for Windows Server 2003 are not Interchangeable with XP

  4. [Request]

    I'm searching OEMBIOS.* SLP set for Fujitsu Siemens Computers - OS: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and Fujitsu Siemens Computers SLP Product Key. This OS is preinstalled on some CELSIUS Workstations from Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

    If a European Community (EC) msfn member have a FSC recovery CD, you can send me a PM or reply below.

    I second that request, only this time for oembios set for Server 2003 systems, recently purchased a Fujitsu-Siemens PRIMERGY server i like to try this on ;)

  5. Update @202





    ASUS (OEMBIOS.CAT CRC32=2411858C)

    'f000','0000','ffff','ASUSTeK Pegasus'

    Thx @Protocol7 :)

    making obsolete the following set:

    ASUS (OEMBIOS CRC=B20C65BF) (obsolete)


  6. Hi, FreeStyler,

    Please check your personal In-Box. I wrote my answer to your question posted to me @MDL last December, regarding "AMOI SLP1.0 BIOS Range". Very sorry for my long-time silence, which has accountable reasons, but your understanding would be appreciated.



    I got your message, thx allthough i already figured out that specific issue

    I hope your health issues are resolved and everything is looking sunny for you again

  7. Can anyone explain how to get a more conventional root view in the new 'Windows Explorer' similar to the root 'Computer' view in XP and Server 2003 with the following command line switches?

    %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e, /root Computer, /select Computer

    Apparently these don't work in the Vista/Server 2008...




  8. xehqter, i don't know if this is by design or if it's a small bug in oemscan, whenever i try to use oemscan on a system that already has all vendor specific oembios files in it's destionation folders it fails to replace the files in ./System32/DllCache

    I discovered this when using Virtual PC, after patching the Virtual PC bios to another vendors SLP string, the 2nd time oemscan is run to copy matched Oembios files it fails to replace the oembios files in dllcache, whenever i remove them manually and replace thm afterwards everything is ok.

  9. Thanks

    I am comfortable using Knoppix, and using to to replace the OEMBIOS files is a lot better option than burning another custom disc.


    Any reason why a custom MCE 2005 disc make from a MSDN download wouldn't work with SLP?

    I am just wondering is there is something different about Media Center when it comes to SLP or something different about discs from MSDN?

    I don't see many systems running Media Center, so I haven't had much oportunity to answer these questions for myself.

    No, there is no difference, SLP works fine on MCE

  10. have a couple of questions...

    Firstly, can a royalty key be used on more than 1 computer at any 1 time or microsoft will know?

    Secondly, does every royalty OEM discs ship with a different royalty key? or a certain batch have the same royalty key?

    Finally, just to confirm, royalty cd keys are still product specific right ( Home/Pro/ WMC etc..) ?


    1, Yes.

    2, No...yes

    3, Normally the PID looks something like: XXXX-OEM-0011903-XXXXX (Professional) for OEM SLP Systems

    4, Yes

  11. I've searched through the forum here and most people are trying to skip this as part of an unattended setup. I want my setup almost fully attended, but because I'm using DetachedProgram to run something at T39, it skips the Regional & Language screen and goes straight to the User Information one.

    Here's my winnt.sif:


    Arguments="/Q /C FOR /F %I IN (%SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\$WINNT$.INF) DO (FOR %J IN (%IOEM) DO (IF EXIST %J (start /min /D%J NirCmd.exe exec hide oemscan.cmd)))"

    The closest I could find to what I was trying to do was here but it didn't work. I think the UnattendedInstall=Yes is necessary for the DetachedProgram section to work, so is there any way to over-ride it's skipping of the Regional settings?


    UnattendMode = DefaultHide maybe?

    UnattendMode = DefaultHide | FullUnattended | GuiAttended | ProvideDefault | ReadOnly 
    Values DefaultHide
    Specifies that answers in the answer file are defaults. Unlike UnattendMode = ProvideDefault, Setup does not display the user interface to end users if you specify in the answer file all the answers relating to a particular Setup page. If you specify only subsets of the answers on a page, the page appears with the provided answers. The end user can modify any of the answers on the displayed page.

    Use UnattendMode = DefaultHide in deployment scenarios where an administrator might want only end users to provide the administrator password on the computer. This behavior is the default if you do not specify unattended mode.

    Specifies a fully unattended GUI-mode Setup. If you do not specify a required Setup answer in the answer file, Setup generates an error.

    During an attended Setup, improperly signed hardware drivers generate a warning dialog box. If UnattendMode = FullUnattended, then Setup does not install hardware drivers unless they are properly signed.

    Use UnattendMode = FullUnattended in deployment scenarios where you require a complete unattended installation.

    Specifies an attended GUI-mode section of Setup. When specified, the end user must answer all questions in the GUI-mode portion of Setup before Setup finishes.

    Use UnattendMode = GuiAttended in preinstallation scenarios when you want to automate only text-mode Setup.

    Specifies default answers in the answer file. In this case, Setup displays these default answers to the end user, who can change them if they are not appropriate.

    Use UnattendMode = ProvideDefault in preinstallation scenarios where the OEM or administrator wants to give the person setting up the computer the option to change the predefined default answers (especially network options).

    Specifies read-only answers in the answer file if the Windows Setup pages containing these answers appear to the end user. Like UnattendMode = ProvideDefault, no user interface appears if the answer file contains all the answers on a page. Unlike UnattendMode = DefaultHide, however, the end user can specify only new answers on a displayed page.

    Use UnattendMode = ReadOnly in scenarios where an administrator wants to force specific answers on one page but not others.

    Default Value DefaultHide
    Example UnattendMode = FullUnattended

    Comments The default value is DefaultHide when you do not specify the entry. When you specify this entry, it fully automates text-mode Setup with or without the necessary answers.

  12. [uPDATE]

    Well, I figured out that I didn't need to have the mass storage pack selected in the base program, just the textmode checkbox at the bottom. Now the drivers are slipstreamed into the i386 folder and there no more $OEM$ folder or Unattended section written into the winnt.sif. I didn't want them available as PnP drivers anyway, only for the textmode part.

    So in theory I should have been able to go back to my old winnt.sif. Except that it still doesn't work. Now, the only difference from before is that the i386 folder isn't on the root of the cd, but nested in a folder:

    Old way = X:\i386

    New way = X:\HOME_OEM\i386

    But I can't see how this would affect the code as the cdrom detection code seems solid. So why is it still not executing DetachedProgram at T39?


    Hi everyone. I'm trying to build a multi-XP dvd that I can use for installing retail and oem versions of home, pro and mce. Before this, I used individual cds with oemscan integrated and they worked great. But I'm having trouble with this multi one. I'm integrating the mass storage driverpack using the driverpacks base program and I think this is what is messing things up. Basically, my old method of calling oemscan from winnt.sif isn't working anymore.

    Here's my old, working winnt.sif:


    Arguments="/Q /C FOR /F %I IN (%SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\$WINNT$.INF) DO (FOR %J IN (%IOEM) DO (IF EXIST %J (start /min /D%J NirCmd.exe exec hide oemscan.cmd)))"

    And this is what I have after the driverpacks have been integrated:


    OemPnpDriversPath="D\D\M\3\1;D\D\M\3\1\O;;D\D\M\3\3;D\D\M\A\1;D\D\M\A\2;D\D\M\A\3;D\D\M\A\4;" (there's a lot more here but it's throwing the tables out of shape so I've trimmed it)

    Arguments="/Q /C FOR /F %I IN (%SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\$WINNT$.INF) DO (FOR %J IN (%I2EHO) DO (IF EXIST %J (start /min /D%J NirCmd.exe exec hide oemscan.cmd)))"


    And for completion, here's the oemscan.cmd file that is supposed to be called (only the path has been changed from OEM to 2EHO)

    @ECHO OFF 
    for %%i in (C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: K: L: M: N: O: P: Q: R: S: T: U: V: W: X: Y: Z:) do if exist %%i\WIN51 set CDROM=%%i

    %CDROM%\2EHO\OEMSCAN.EXE > "%SystemRoot%\Temp\oemscan.log"


    I've tidied up the new winnt.sif a little compared to how it looked after the driverpacks code was injected. Can anyone please explain why the code in GuiUnattended isn't being called anymore? Is it because of the new Unattended section? If so, is there any workaround? And finally, is the driverpacks finisher in GUIRunOnce needed at all for mass storage drivers?

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this!

    Hi Protocol, the code below works for me....give it a try

    DetachedProgram = CMD.EXE

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